Welcome To Somali Advocacy Network

The main area of business for SAN is to bring peace and stability in Somalia by empowering state and non-state actors through the provision of highly professional services, tailor-made research, training and development services. SAN works with local, national, regional and international organizations.

SAN is dedicated to build peace in Somalia with the currently focus being on Jubbaland – the most troubled region of Somalia. SAN works with all stakeholders in the country including traditional elders, intellectuals, business people, educators, youth organizations, community, women organizations, religious leaders, and non- governmental organizations to transform social conflicts into opportunities for peaceful change.

SAN aims to help people transform destructive conflicts by addressing underlying needs and concerns, building sustainable relationships, and changing the contexts and conditions that foster violence. In order to address these critical issues for peace, SAN uses multi-faceted approaches to develop better understandings of conflict situations and create effective interventions.

Why work with us?

We strive to contribute to a just, equitable and prosperous Somali society, where the impact and contribution of sustainable development programmes are supported by appropriate, relevant and affordable solutions.

We exist for the purpose of facilitating access, sharing information, building capacity, raising awareness, enhancing reach and impact, and linking people and organisations.

SAN's services and interventions continue to be shaped by the challenge of strengthening the capacity of NGOs in finding long-term and sustainable solutions in response to Somali’s development problems.